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  • Confidently Assess Any Company - Is It Bankruptcy Proof or Not?
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  • ​Generate A Steady Stream Of Cash Every Month In Only 1 Day Trading
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  • ​Enjoy More Freedom (Trade From Virtually Anywhere In The World)
  • ​Learn How To Determine The Fair Price Of ANY Stock VS Its Current Price
  • ​Be Able To Tell If A Company Is In Danger Of Bankruptcy
  • ​Important Times NOT To Place A Trade
  • ​Best Day Of The Month To Trade
  • ​& SO Much More!

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  • Have our experts Craft your OFFER with you and review and offer creation
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  • Organic marketing - ZERO ad spend
  • The "Niche Selection" formula
    Get so clear on your niche and target market that your perfect prospects cant help but throw their credit card at you!
  • The "Clarity Roadmap"
    A step by step blueprint to creating a program that sells in the marketplace
  • The "Confidence Accelerator"
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  • The "Rapid R.O.I System"
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  • Mentorship Part 1 - Confidence & Clarity
  • Mentorship Part 2 - Online Program Creation
  • Weekly Traffic Mastery School
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Instead of doing it on your own getting lost in endless YouTube videos and not knowing what you need to know.. 

I've compiled all the important information from the $20,000+ I have personally spent on investing programs and coaching in the past!

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Digital Trading Academy Program

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    "Stock Price Valuation Calculator"

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    • Know how much a stock is worth vs. how much it selling for
    • ​Never buy a company that is worthless again
    • ​Feel more confident in your trades when you know the true value of the company that you are trading

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    How To Navigate A Stock Market Crash Training Video

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    • Forever people ask, how did you earn 20% when the market crashed last March?? In this training I will reveal exactly how I knew to get in the market, what company I traded, & WHY I decided to make that trade
    • The market naturally crashes every 8-10 years, but the government prevented a true crash.. Which means the next one will be much sooner than before
    • ​The Little Known Signals that TELL you a stock crash is coming...
    • ​Know HOW to make money when the market crashes

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    The "Profit Tracker" Template

    (VALUE - $47)

    • Receive the same tracker I use every time I record my trades. It is SO important to know exactly how much $ you are making to the penny each month, so you are motivated to continue the habit of investing
    • ​Easily see your ROI (Return on Investment) throughout the year
    • ​Better than Trading Platforms as they can be very misleading and confusing to the true value of your trading account
    • ​Find clarity & confidence using this tracker

    Fast Action Bonus


    IRS Tax Forms

    (VALUE - $47)

    • I will show you my personal tax forms… So you know exactly which forms to file... In my first year of trading, my accountant didn't know how to fill out the forms yet still charged me for his time attempting how to do so.. And I ended up filling them out for him.. Make sure you find a knowledgeable accountant who is competent

    Fast Action Bonus


    How To Save Yourself From a Risky Trade Training Video

    (VALUE - $497 )

    • Sometimes we take a risk.. And that risk can come back to bite us IF you don't know how to fix your trade. I'll show you where I have made mistakes, and how I corrected my trades to avoid losing money
    • ​This way you won’t have to panic if the worst happens.. You know how to act, and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes instead of making your own. 
    • ​Knowing what to do removes your emotions, which can make you spiral and make your trades worse if you don't know what to do. With this video, you will see how to avoid this mistake in the first place! 
    • ​This video alone could potentially save you thousands of dollars

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    1 Year Private FB VIP Group Access 

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    • It's hard not knowing anyone else who is trading, and feeling alone when learning something new can be tough. This private community is filled with my current and past clients who have gone through the program and are now invested in the stock market
    • ​When you have a question or want to bounce an idea off someone, just drop it in the group and someone will help you
    • ​I personally also respond to posts or questions in the group, so even after our coaching is over, I will still be active in the community, right by your side. 
    • ​When some big news happens in the market that I think you should be aware of, I will post it so you have an edge on your trading
    • ​Share your success & feelings about your experience. This is a shame free no judgement community. We have your back. We all want you to succeed. We were all where you were one day and we know you can do it to if you finish the program!

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    I also show you step by step how to know if a company is A Good Buy or not.

    How to make money whether the stock market crashes or not. 

    How to track your profit and ensure you handle tax requirements.

    How to Save yourself from a risky trade. 


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     PPS - A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older - or you can be On Your Way To Earning passive income in the stock market.

    All Rights Reserved 2021 Stock Options Lifestyle
    Please understand what I'm about to share with you is NOT a get rich quick system or any of that nonsense. My results or my clients results are not typical. I'm not implying you'll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

    About Jessica Hernandez,
    Jessica is the CEO & Founder of Stock Options Lifestyle, and one of the most in-demand internet Stock Options Traders on the planet.
    Jessica is at the top of her game when it comes to training traders & investors on how to BUILD passive income in the stock market and EARN in market crashes so that you can maintain consistent profit and maximum enjoyment in your trading. 
     Jessica earned 189% ROI in 2020, of which 20% was in March 2020 when the market crashed. Her strategy can be utilized in any market condition. Pioneers end up with arrows in their backs - Jessica has tested everything she teaches extensively through trial and error at great cost so YOU can save accelerate YOUR learning curve without VIRTUALLY ANY of the mistakes she made along the way. 

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