How to find the truth in todays crazy world

Now more than ever it is so important to know how to filter information to know what is true and what isn’t. This article will give you some simple strategies to filter information to know what is true. 

If you read something on the internet that does not mean it is automatically correct. Just because someone appears credible doesn't mean it is safe to assume they are right. Assumptions can be very dangerous… read on to find out why. Bernie Maddoff (infamous for the Ponzi Scheme) is perhaps the biggest scam artist of all time. Most of the major banks around today invested hundreds of millions of dollars with him. After he had one major bank signed with him, the other banks began to follow suit assuming that the first bank had fact-checked Bernie. The pattern of disaster was the more people who invested the more wanted to invest and it was all based on incorrect data. 

Someone Can Believe They Are Telling The Truth And Be Lying.
People easily believe false information that they can then tell you and say with absolute conviction. 

Today there are books, youtube videos, people in the streets, information on google, information on reddit.. So much so that it has become extremely difficult to know what is true. 

When I was a child, everyone told me that success meant going to university, getting a degree and getting a job in a corporation. Literally everyone older and "wiser:" teachers, career advisors, and my parents all told me the same... 

When I got to the corporate job, it sucked. Most people around me hated it, too. But admitting this would mean they had wasted years of their life and were in debt based on bad information, that just isn't as true today as it was 50 years ago. 

We still want to believe in the American Dream, so no one wants to admit this. More people go to college, more people climb into student debt, and end up in a corporate job - if they're "lucky" - where it could take a very long time to get out of debt. 

Sometimes the advice people give is based off of their own actions, and they are not willing to admit they made a mistake based on outdated information. 

The solution to all this…

Learn Through Your Direct Experience In The World
Finding good information is rare. That's why we got into business, so we could help people by giving education we KNOW works through our own rigorous testing in the real world. The only way to know if it works, is to consistently test it yourself for at least one year and if you get massive consistent positive results then you can make a decision. Jessica has been using this strategy for over 6 years now and has seen success over and over again. By teaching her clients where "paper (fake) money" is used, you can see the results happen yourself without risking your cash before you master the system.

Assume EVERYONE Is Wrong Until You Have Tested What They Claim
If you are going to assume, you may as well do it in a way that helps you tremendously. 
Certified people are the biggest culprits of all today. Nowadays anyone can get on a news channel, or the Oprah Show, or write a book and seem certified. If someone is looking for strategies on getting fit, and the author of the book doesn't have the results they claim you can get from their book, toss out the book! Believe people who live by example. 

ACTIONS Have To Match WORDS Or They Are Lying
If someone says one thing and then does the other, that's a red flag!
For example, many financial advisors today are basically glorified salesmen. If they are telling you to do something they aren’t doing themselves how can you trust them? Does your financial advisor manage their own money in the market? Or are they also using mutual funds to get to retirement by 65 as well? How can someone make you a lot of money if they aren’t making a lot of money themselves through the advice they are giving to you?

Learn Only From People Actually PLAYING The Game - Not From Theoreticians. 
If someone is telling you what stock to invest in, but they haven’t invested in that stock themselves, don't listen. If it was such a good stock, why don’t they invest in it too?
Unfortunately today, news reports aren’t playing the game themselves, they are just reporting what someone with an agenda has written. Things can be taken out of context easily and misconstrued to make you support their belief. 

Good decisions can only come from good information. Please make sure you are testing everything yourself and you are only learning from in the arena beside you. The strategy I use can easily be back-tested and you will see for yourself why I consistently trade the same way over and over again. 

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