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Jessica Hernandez' Trading Story

Jessica Hernandez decided in 2014 to begin learning how to trade in the stock market, realizing it was one of the ways to building wealth quickly. She invested over $20,000 in trade education courses and mentors, but was overwhelmed and tired of the up and down profits of the market. 

She almost gave up when she lost $18,000 in one day due to a trade strategy that went wrong quickly compounded by her emotions reacting as she tried to "fix" a failing trade. 

Determined to succeed, she reinvented the wheel and has stuck with her current strategy since, where emotions are removed from the trades, and replaced with confidence and consistent profits. 

During the Covid crash in March 2020, while most people panicked as their portfolios fell 25% or more, some selling out of fear and taking huge losses, Jessica was prepared and had planned for this event for years. 

Jessica was able to make a profit of 20% in the same month of the crash. 

Feeling guilty that more people weren't educated enough to take advantage of making a profit - even during a crash - she decided to start teaching others how to do the same. 

Jessica founded Stock Options Lifestyle in order to help her clients build a semi passive income stream in the stock market, just like herself, in order to have the Lifestyle she has always dreamed of:

Where time does NOT have to be traded for money, and money can be used as a tool to earn more money in itself. 

Financial freedom is something we all dream of. Life is hard enough. Getting control of your finances is one step closer to being fully confident and secure in your life. 

Although results will vary from person to person, based on age, risk tolerance, market factors, and motivation to succeed, Stock Options Lifestyle's strategy aims to earn at least 36% ROI per year in any market condition. 

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