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Successful Trading is NOT luck, random or even magic. It's cause and effect gets students focused on the specific actions that cause huge results.
Our students are finding, analysing and buying successful companies in less than 15 minutes per month. 

We help 9-5'ers...

Representing 98% of the population. Who are competing in the rat race, working a 9-5 job and are making less than 3% returns on their bank savings rate per year...
If they don't do something different they will be lucky to retire by 65 with comfortable savings.

become passive income earners in the stock market

Representing the 2% of traders. They take control of their income and are increasing their savings by at least 36% totalling 3 hours of effort per year. They are goal orientated and within years will be financially free to do whatever they want. 

Here's how everything works... provides all the essentials to become a top 2% trader. 
The essentials are focused on rapid permanent positive results.

We created a training so powerful that once you are exposed to the new way of thinking, it's impossible to go back to how things once were...

Our 10,000 Hour Patented "SWITCH" Method

We reveal to you our coveted "SWITCH" method for trading that has been tested for over 10,000 hours by over a hundred successful traders and blatantly cancels out losing.

Trading Community

Your environment has a huge impact on your results. So we created a community where you can interact with like-minded people and have fun!

Reprogramming For Massive Success

Learn our "million-dollar" mindset for viewing the market. No longer will you act out of fear of missing out (FOMO), instead you will act with patience and clarity. For “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” Warren Buffett

Expert Mentorship

No matter the quality of the training, it is normal to have questions. Get direct 24/7 access to our private facebook group, weekly live Q&A's with the Jessica Hernandez and email support. 

Proven profts from very happy students

We don't provide you with certifications, licenses, degrees, badges or stickers for showing up.
We provide real trading results: High up-front profits, self development and massive success.

Our students are very happily earning passive incomes
Many students had minimal to none prior experience

Unshakeable foundations

Your success has to be built on solid ground. We teach you everything you need to succeed in trading today, tomorrow, in the future, whether the market is up down or sideways.

Trading Fundamentals

Account setup, exactly how to optimise your account and charting to use the SWITCH Method. 

Investing Foundations

Explain the difference between investing and trading, the rule of 72 and all the necessary vocabulary.

Beginning Stock Options

How to open a trade and when, how much money needed to place a specific trade.

Calculating your ROI

How to choose the specific strike price and what ROI you will get from that strike price.

Fundamental Analysis

What metrics to observe on a companies financial report to know whether it is undervalued. 

Chart Analysis

All you need to know to valuate a companies future price forecast.


Understanding how to determine the seasons ups and downs of a company with specificity.

Technical Analysis

Forecast the future price based on current earnings and valuate whether or not this company is underpriced. 

Accounting, legal and tax

All the tax forms needed to correctly pay tax on your profits for the year. 

Company Buybacks

What to do when a company buys back shares and how this impacts the strategy.

Stock Splits

How to predict when a company will stock split and exactly what to do.

Bankruptcy & Debt

The signs a company gives when close to bankruptcy.

Stock Market Crashes

How to make money in a stock market crash. 

Learn in the way that helps you the best

We provide multiple ways for you to learn 

Online e-learning platform

Watch our training videos in 1080p HD, or read the text notes. 
Access the training from your phone or computer, anytime/anywhere in the world. 

Interactive Trading Community

Join our community of like-minded traders on the same path as you. 
Being rich can be lonely if you're constantly surrounded by everyday people who don't yet understand. 
Connect with like-minded people, make friends and have fun!

Expert Mentorship Weekly

Get direct personalised coaching and explanations from expert traders. There are weekly Q&A calls, recordings, student interviews, and 24/7 live support.

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